Welcome to Firefighter Warrior!

Firefighter Warrior is a first and one of kind fitness challenge. Firefighters brave insurmountable odds everyday and charge in no matter the heat. To be prepared they have to train and be ready at a moments notice. Now, your child can experience the same readiness training in a fun and fit way. Firefighter warrior places a set of obstacles in front of your kids and they get the chance to run the gauntlet. Using real world equipment, they can feel the weight of a hose and the challenge of completing the various obstacles.

Everyone will have a chance to run the course with ticketed admission. They will be timed and can compete against others in their age group.

Watch the Firefighter Warrior promotional video HERE

Plus, at certain events you can make it a day of entertainment with bounce houses and slides, big screen media and entertainment, photo opportunities in real fire equipment, and concessions. Every racer will leave a little tired, but not hungry or having had a lot of fun!

We are proud to be firefighter owned and operated.

Put out the fire . . . as fast as you can!

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